Our ambassadors are very important to us – they are our right hand at the universities and contribute with knowledge about what our members want from their membership.

We have 2-3 ambassadors in each university, a total of about 12 each academic year. They are socially skilled and outgoing Novas who represent Nova and they usually know the answers to our members’ questions.

We educate our ambassadors in Nova related knowledge and communication, and out internal Talent Management team maintain a steady contact with our ambassadors.

The role as Nova Ambassador
As ambassador for Nova, you have both a practical marketing role and a more strategic developing role. First and foremost, one of the ambassadors’ assignments is the marketing of the Nova network at our target schools. This means giving presentations, arranging different events and recommend new potential members.

The ambassadors are characterized by having an extensive network at their school and their engagement in different activities continuous to broaden their contact sphere. This means that through their contacts in the student environment, our ambassadors are also up to date about how the Nova network is perceived in general, which activities our other members are happy about, which things they would like differently and what wishes they have for the development of the network. This is why the ambassadors play an important function in the improvement of our activities, forming an advisory board that is fully up to date with the demands of some of the most talented students.

Would you like to be an ambassador at your school? Please send an e-mail to Iben Ronja Blom at with your motivation for becoming our ambassador. We regularly recruit new ambassadors for the different schools.

As an ambassador you gain a lot of benefit both personally and professionally. You get a great amount of opportunities to broaden your own network because you are first on sight amongst new talents, when giving presentation at the various faculties.  You also gain a unique view behind the scenes in how a professional talent network functions and you are a part of determining what the future strategies shall be, which is very exciting – Magnus, Nova.


Rasmus Tingholm
Aalborg University
Mathias Hyldgaard Andersen
Aalborg University
Jens Bonnevie Sørensen
Aalborg University


Ida Thomsen
Aarhus University
Christian Søndergaard
Aarhus University
Simon Salling
Aarhus University
Sebastian Trads
Aarhus School of Business


Mikkel Hvenegaard
Thelle Hedegaard Kristensen
Camilla Kongsted
Copenhagen Business School
Cecilie Bonde
Technical University of Denmark